Is Social Networking Really Making You Social?

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Everyone today keeps buzzing about being active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and many more in the list. Uploading photos, liking posts, commenting and tagging your friends are the  most common things and people keep on doing these things willingly or unwillingly every now and then. As per the reports people spend more than 5 hours on social networking on an average per day thinking that they are active socially but is it true any ways? The answer is big NO. Gone are those days…

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i Relate WordPress Plugin

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Hi everyone, I was busy in writing a WordPress Plugin called i Relate, so was little busy to write a new blog here. Finally, the coding for the script is complete and yes I uploaded it to the WordPress SVN successfully with very less efforts. I was sure how to write the plugin but uploading it on the SVN or the WordPress repository was a tough job for me as the beginner. I saw some videos on YouTube for the help and got that done. Yes is was a great feeling…

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Facebook Comments: WordPress Plugin To Boost Traffic On Your Blog

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Hi, one of my subscriber on my website asked me ho he can get a boost on his WordPress blog’s traffic with making much effort, yes he was lazy enough to post and share his blog everywhere on social media. He just used to share his blog on his Facebook Page and on two or three groups of which he was a member. I analysed his situation and suggested him to use a WordPress Plugin called Facebook Comments. And as expected he asked me back how it was going to…

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Difference between ASP and JSP

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Hello friends,  Let’s start with the common difference between ASP and JSP. But before we start with the discrimination lets have some basic knowledge about what they are. ASP(Active Server Page) and JSP(Java Server Page ) are the two commonly used server side scripting languages used in web development. Despite having the same task, ASP and JSP achieve their task in different ways. ASP code are interpreted each time it is accessed while JSP pages actually takes a little bit longer to load because it needs to be compiled first….

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